Eucerins pigment control has been known to help people with acne and sunburn, but there’s evidence that it can be equally useful for people with other skin conditions.

In a new study, the research team at Newcastle University found that people with cystic acne, which can be treated with topical retinoids, were more likely to benefit from using Eucerinain. 

“There is a lot of research showing the ability of topical retinoic acid to help with the treatment of cystic skin,” said Dr Joanna Smith, the study’s lead author.

“But what we really wanted to find out is whether there is a connection between using Eucerinain and improving skin health.”

We found that the people who used Euceriain were less likely to suffer from acne than people who did not use it.

“This was very surprising and we are hoping that this finding will help us to understand how topical retinosin A can help with cyst formation.”

Cystic acne is a common skin condition, but the research showed that it could be treated by topical retinal cream. 

The study involved 2,600 people who had cystic and moderate to severe acne, who had been diagnosed with the condition between 2009 and 2015. 

A total of 5,100 people took part in the study, with the majority of those being men and older. 

It’s the first to show a direct link between using topical retinsic acid and the development of cysts. 

Researchers were surprised by the results, which show that people who use topical retinyl ester-2 are less likely than people without cystic or moderate to extreme acne to develop cysts, according to the study.

“When people use topical corticosteroids, they’re more likely [to develop cystic lesions],” said Dr Smith.

“If you have cystic eczema or eczymothorax, then you’re more at risk of developing cystic dermatophyllosis.” 

People who took part were asked to fill in a questionnaire and report any side effects that occurred while they were using Eocerinains retinoid. 

Dr Smith said the results showed that people were “significantly more likely” to benefit if they used the topical retine as part of a daily routine.

“The benefit of using topical cortisone is that it allows you to control the amount of acne you get and to see the progression of the acne,” she said.

“So you might want to look at a topical cortiser when you’re out and about.”

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