In her memoir, “My Secret Beauty Diary,” author Emily Pajak describes a time when she “tried to be a sexy woman,” but her eyesight wasn’t up to snuff.

Pajak, who is married with two children, says she realized she needed to find a better way to look feminine and she found it in “the mirror” — and in the “eyes” of her husband, photographer Joe T. Pajack.

She also used the mirror to see how others looked in their own ways.

She was struck by how different men looked when they were wearing makeup, as opposed to when they weren’t.

She says her husband used to say, “Look at the man next to you.

He’s beautiful.”

Pajk says, “The more I thought about it, I realized that if I can find a way to show you that look in my own way, then I can change how you think of yourself.”

Pajk found the answer when she tried using a mascara brush in the mirror.

She says,”I couldn’t use my eyes to apply the makeup because the light from my mirror made the eyelashes look like they were trying to get through my eyes.”

When she applied mascara, she noticed her eyes were actually getting bigger. “I couldn