A purple pearl is a hard-to-color, hard-paintlike texture on the surface of skin that you can use to paint your nails or your face.

Purple pearls can also be applied as a nail polish, a color, a stain, and as a base for other nail art.

Paint the purple pearl in a dark blue, a clear blue, or any other color you choose.

Paint with a flat brush.

If you use a flat, round brush, the pearl will form a hard, round, square shape.

Use a soft paintbrush or a water-based liquid acrylic paint for this step.

Place a white or gray paintbrush in the pearl, and a white paintbrush to cover the pearl.

Hold the pearl with your finger and paint across the pearl using the paintbrush.

Allow the pearl to dry.

After a few minutes, the paint will have faded and it will look like this: You can repeat this process until the pearl is finished.

If the pearl doesn’t dry well, it’s time to apply another coat of clear coat or water-topped coat.

Place the pearl back in the same container, with the pearl still attached.

Allow it to dry for 15 minutes before using it again.

Apply a black or gray stain, to highlight the pearl’s hard, rounded edges.

Paint the pearl white and then apply a light, medium, or dark shade of black paintbrush across the entire pearl.

Wait until the stain has set before applying the next coat of black.

Allow to dry, then apply the last coat of white paint.

Use your fingertips to paint over the pearl and let it dry completely.

If it’s not dry enough, apply a second coat of paint.

Allow this to dry completely before you apply the next paintbrush, using a lighter shade of paintbrush if possible.

For more tips and tricks for nail art, check out this page.

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