With its bright colors, vivid hues and a powerful moisturizing formula, the color-changing eye cream is a favorite among makeup aficionados.

However, it’s also an expensive proposition for a lot of people.

Now, a new eye cream that promises to cure those who suffer from pigment epithelium detachment, the result of a corneal tear, is gaining attention.

The Eye Care brand has a new formula, “Overnight Eye Cream,” that promises a rapid healing process that lasts up to two weeks, according to its website.

The formula contains three ingredients: a peptide that has been isolated from the human eye and an antioxidant, a combination of vitamin C and a vitamin B6.

The protein is broken down into amino acids and the antioxidants are added to the peptide to form the final product.

“It’s an antioxidant and a peptidase that will help to break down the protein so it can be absorbed into the cornea, to help it get repaired,” said Deborah Todaro, a senior lecturer in cosmetic sciences at the University of Adelaide.

“The peptide will be broken down by the corneocytes and the corneum is a porous membrane, and when it gets damaged, that damage can cause the corni tears to become a little bigger and more severe.”

The peptides have been shown to be effective at removing corneas from the eye.

Todaro said the peptides were created to be more effective than the traditional collagen products.

“What we have is a peptides that is a better fit for cornealing, because they have more of the protein, which is what corneologists really need to break up the protein,” she said.

“This peptide has the ability to help the cornoids to get repaired in a faster and easier way.”

The formula is available for purchase through Eye Care.

Its packaging boasts that it’s “ready to use immediately, within the hour, and without any additional equipment,” and is made with organic and natural ingredients.

According to Todarro, the peptids will be tested on a number of subjects to see how they work and if they can be used in a clinical setting.

The brand has already had success with its eye cream on TV shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Grey” and “Scandal.”

However, Todaros said the formula is more expensive than its competitors.

“There’s a reason that people are not buying Eye Care,” she added.

“They’re just not seeing the benefits.

It’s not as effective as other products.

It doesn’t really provide the same amount of healing as other treatments.”

However that’s not the case for some.

“I feel like it’s not good for my eyes, and I don’t think it’s going to help my eyes,” said Tara, a 25-year-old makeup artist who suffers from corneitis.

Tara is also looking for a cure.

She said she will only be using the Eye Care Eye Cream for about six weeks, before it wears off.

“It’s like having the eye cream for six months, then you just have to get used to it and use it for longer,” she explained.

Tami Reis, a 30-year old makeup artist, also wants to find a cure, but she said it’s only for one eye.

“I think it could work for me, but it’s really a waste of money,” she told ABC News.

“Because it’s a lot more expensive to make this stuff, and if you’re not good at making it, it will probably be a waste.”

Todaroes said there’s also a good chance that the eye creams are just a marketing ploy.

“If you look at the advertising, it seems like it could be good marketing for the company, but really it’s just a placebo,” she commented.ABC News’ Elizabeth Kamm contributed to this report.

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