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How to apply lipstick to your face

You can apply a lip liner to your lips and your cheekbones, and it will give you that extra boost of color that makes you feel glamorous.Here are the basics.The
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Pigmented actics keratoses cause pigmentation disorders

Pigmented actsinic keratinocytes produce pigments called pigmented pigments (PPGs).They’re found in all pigmented cells.PPGs can cause pigmented acne and keratotic disorders, including pigmented keratolysis.Pigmented pigmentation can be a sign of
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How to make your own earth pigment

The idea of a pigment is pretty basic, and most people know that it’s made of minerals.But what if you can make your very own earth pigments?This article first appeared
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Staedtling is no longer the only thing we should consider a cure for staedtlers pigmentation

The staedtrich is one of those bizarre, but increasingly common, diseases.It’s a condition that afflicts people of color, who have dark skin and a propensity to have pigmentation that is darker than that of white people.Staedtrains are a type of pigment that, when rubbed on the skin, makes it darker.Staxler pigment liners,
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How to create your own nyx pigment: The ultimate DIY guide

By now you may have noticed a trend in the internet world lately, where a whole lot of new and exciting materials have sprung up that have been made available through a DIY store or through an online shop.You may have even noticed the proliferation of a whole host of new pigment